Case Studies

Cam Swiss Machining of Techtron PPS Insulator for the Connector Industry

May 2022

Techtron PPS is a common choice in the connector industry because it can be machined easily to tight tolerances and has high resistance to chemicals. With 70 years of machining precision plastics, Severna Operations has the capabilities and...

CNC Swiss Machining of Ultem Beads for the Connector Industry

May 2022

The connector industry requires many precision plastic components to build their end product. Ultem® is a popular material due to its high heat resistance in electrical and connector...

CNC Milling of Phenolic Spacer Board for the Electronics Industry

May 2022

Phenolic resin is known for its electrical properties and often used across the electronics industry. Severna Operations has a large inventory of plastics on-site, so we can easily create products with this quality...

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