Cam Swiss Machining of Torlon® Component for the Military/Connector Industry

Components with military applications must withstand extreme temperatures and circumstances to perform their function. These tools can’t fail in their mission, and only the best materials can be used without compromising precision.

The Project

A connector manufacturer required insulators for military GPS applications. The part required machining Torlon because of the material’s heat resistance up to 500 degrees, as well as strong resistance to wear and chemicals.

The Severna Solution:
Machining Torlon

We’ve been machining Torlon for decades, and our team brings their expertise to every project. This component required three primary operations: turning diameters, drilling holes, and milling grooves. Next, Severna Operations utilized a secondary operation, milling the slits thru. Then, we applied cryogenic and hand deburring to ensure the piece meets exact specifications.

As a full-service machine shop, Severna Operations designed and manufactured a custom tooling for this specific project: a unique saw tool to perform the slitting function while machining Torlon.

We have stringent quality standards, so we performed a 100%-dimensional inspection to ensure we met that standard.


Product Description

These Torlon® components are used within a GPS application.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Strohms Swiss Automatic
Automatic Dividing Machine

Overall Part Dimensions

Diameter: Ø.075″
Length: .120″
Slit Width: .010″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used


Material Finish


In process testing/inspection performed

100% Dimensional Inspection

Industry for Use


Delivery Location

United States

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Techtron PPS Insulator

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