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Ultem Vs. Peek: An In-Depth Comparison

September 2022

Do you have an application with high thermal or electrical requirements? Do you need superior strength and durability? Are you looking for a material lighter than metal? Ultem or PEEK could be the answer. But which one? These high-performance...

Delrin Vs. Nylon: Uses, Specs, Pros & Cons

August 2022

Are you looking for exceptionally durable manufactured materials? If yes, Delrin vs. nylon should be ideal options. These versatile materials provide remarkable strength, durability, and lifelong wear resilience. As a result, they are suitable...

The Best Alternatives To PTFE

August 2022

Since the late 1940s, PTFE has grown in popularity over the years because it does not behave like any other polymer. It boasts many properties that are hard to replicate, but it does have its processing limitations, forcing many companies to search...

How To Get Plastic Parts Made: Our Step-By-Step Process

August 2022

Plastic parts are affordable but effective components in various industries, including aerospace and automotive. With the ability to create any shape from a wide range of materials, plastics are flexible and versatile. As a result, they serve well...

The Different Types Of Engineering Plastics Explained

August 2022

Analysts expect the engineering plastics market to grow by more than 7.43% over the next five years, but should you choose an engineering plastic for your plastic needs? If so, which plastic gives you the best results? Learn more about the...

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