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What Is Swiss Machining and Why Should You Choose It?

June 2023

While 95% of new product innovations fail, there are actionable steps that you can take to make sure that you rise above this statistic. Exceptional prototyping is critical, as is accurate and speedy manufacturing for your product's smallest...

The Different Types Of Engineering Plastics Explained

May 2023

Analysts expect the engineering plastics market to grow by more than 7.43% over the next five years, but should you choose an engineering plastic for your plastic needs? If so, which plastic gives you the best results? Learn more about the...

Techtron PPS – Uses And Benefits

April 2023

Are you looking for a high-performance polymer that is both lightweight and durable? If yes, look no further than Techtron PPS. This advanced engineering breakthrough offers numerous advantages, from its exceptional resistance to wear and heat to...

What Is Ultem® Plastic?

April 2023

What is Ultem® Plastic? It is a reliable and high-strength plastic designed to withstand extreme temperatures and powerful chemicals with a wide range of uses. This makes it an ideal choice for many industries. With its superior strength and...

What Are The Advantages of PTFE?

March 2023

The manufacturing industry is worth about $7 trillion as of this year, 2023. It's an industry that we couldn't live without in our world. From engineering buildings and bridges to creating microwaves and appliances that we use on a daily basis,...

What is Phenolic Plastic Used For?

March 2023

Modern manufacturing is thriving because of innovative and versatile materials. Take plastics, for example. That's a thriving market, with a 7% year-on-year increase as demand from various businesses grows. Phenolic plastics are some of the most...

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