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Custom Plastic Fabrication | An Overview of Our Services

November 2022

In 2021, the plastic industry produced $395 billion in shipments in the United States alone.  Plastic is in virtually everything we see, do, and touch. In everything from cars to medical equipment, you'll find plastic incorporated one way or...

Your Complete Guide to ABS Prototyping

November 2022

ABS material was one of the first plastic materials used in various industrial applications. Different companies can use it in the automotive industry, the electric industry, and more. It is particularly popularly applied in ABS prototyping based on...

Custom Teflon Parts: Our Capabilities

November 2022

The global market for Teflon was worth almost $2 billion in 2020. The unique properties of Teflon make it useful in many industries. Are custom Teflon parts the answer to your project's needs?Severna is a leading manufacturer of precision Teflon...

What Is Swiss Machining and Why Should You Choose It?

October 2022

While 95% of new product innovations fail, there are actionable steps that you can take to make sure that you rise above this statistic. Exceptional prototyping is critical, as is accurate and speedy manufacturing for your product's smallest...

What To Know About Vespel Machining Services From Severna

October 2022

Vespel, also known as a superplastic, is one of the leading industrial plastics on the market. It's a durable and high-performance polyimide-based plastic used in various applications. Vespel machining products range from aerospace valves,...

Custom Teflon Insulators At Severna

September 2022

Wire insulation is a highly vital component in preventing electrical short-circuiting. There are several different types of wire insulators that you can choose from, and each of these materials has its pros and cons. For example, you can use PVC...

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