What To Know About Vespel Machining Services From Severna

vespel machining

Vespel, also known as a superplastic, is one of the leading industrial plastics on the market. It’s a durable and high-performance polyimide-based plastic used in various applications. Vespel machining products range from aerospace valves, washings, and bearings to semiconductors and transportation technology, to name a few! As such, since 1965, Vespel has been an increasingly popular choice for engineers.

However, Vespel stands out among other industrial plastics because of its versatility. Its unique properties give it the advantage over metals, ceramics, and traditional plastics. Among other things, it’s lightweight, impact-resistant, highly machinable, and resistant to high temperatures. While Vespel is one of the higher-priced engineering plastics, it pays for itself – both in terms of durability and performance. That’s why in this article, we’re looking at how Severna’s Vespel machining services highlight Vespel’s best properties. Through rapid, precise machining services, Severna ensures high tolerances for custom pieces that pass inspection every time. Here are six things you should know about Severna’s Vespel machining services.

1. Tight Material Tolerance

For military and aerospace applications, high-quality, readily-usable products are a must. Manufacturing and process engineers rely on their fabrication services to deliver. Vespel, in particular, needs to keep its characteristic properties to function effectively. Otherwise, companies suffer losses in usability and material costs. For example, the average tolerance for CNC plastic is between ±0.001” – 0.004”. But, with Severna fabrication, for most materials, machinists can hold tight tolerances of ±0.0005. This is a crucial difference between Severna machining services and its competitors.

2. Precision Components

On the topic of precision, Severna’s Vespel machining can machine parts ranging from 0.020” to 1.250” in diameter. One of the critical benefits of Vespel is its electric and thermal insulative properties.

But, suppose we look at typical applications for this property, such as:

  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Analytical equipment
  • Avionics
  • Communications
  • Ultrasonics
  • Transformers

In those cases, specifications often fall under minute parameters. In response to this issue, Severna machining makes it possible to fabricate precise plastic components. The same goes for prototypes with niche customer requirements, while still maintaining tight tolerance and high-speed deliverability.

3. Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding is the best choice for producing rounded circular components. It offers high volume production at a speed supply chain, and material managers need to meet demand. Large material quantities can also be ground to specifications with smoother surface polish. This allows a tighter tolerance for materials, while quickly producing results thanks to the short loading time of the grinder. Severna’s grinding service is ISO 9001-certified and AS 9100-compliant. It’s also worth noting that Severna provides services for inspection. Via Vertex Microvue Precision Measuring System, we can guarantee specifications are met. The same goes for standard metrology equipment. This ensures final products are true and accurate to requirements.

4. Tooling Fabrication

For tooling fabrication, Severna offers in-house custom turning tools. That’s as well as accessories designed and fabricated precisely for Vespel material. Severna has 40 years of experience producing precision plastics. So we’re more than familiar with various ABS and Vespel materials. We’ll also touch on how to get the most out of your end products. Moreover, Vespel tools are thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest performance quality.

5. CNC Swiss Screw Machining and Milling

Severna’s Swiss screw machining is designed for rapidly producing and manufacturing high-precision parts. With Severna, we offer screw machining for:

  • CNC screw machines handle parts up to 3″ in diameter
  • Part features that can be as small as .008″
  • Manufacturing tolerance as tight as ±.0005″

The cost of precision parts, especially Vespel, is often expensive to manufacture independently. Yet the electronic, connector, and aerospace industries often rely on these pieces not to fail in their end-use.

Our milling and screwing services are designed to meet this demand. Severna services include:

  • Milled parts with dimensions up to 50″ x 20″ x 25″ with 3-, 4-, and 5-axis milling capabilities
  • Extra equipment and capabilities include rotary tables, pallets, and high-speed machining
  • Custom manufactured work-holding fixtures to meet the requirements of any order

Moreover, Severna’s screw machining and milling come with a dedicated inspection record. This ensures buyers that you’ll have a piece you can rely on. Whether you’re still in the prototype phase or ready for production, you know you can guarantee quality.

Raw Stock Material Sourcing and Engineered Plastics

Severna makes material sourcing straightforward. Material managers can ensure a fast turnaround and on-time delivery by purchasing through our extensive inventory.

We can also machine an extensive range of engineered plastic, including:

  • ABS
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Vespel
  • Techtron PPS
  • Torlon
  • Rexolite
  • Fluroloy H
  • Ultem 1000
  • Ultem 2300

All of these are available for fabrication with our milling, grinding, and screwing services. Suppliers and businesses can get flexible quantities and direct sourcing.

Severna can be your unwavering partner in precision plastic pieces from start to finish.

Are You Ready to Start Using Vespel Machining?

Severna caters to industries ranging from automotive to chemical. We are experienced manufacturers in Vespel machining and everything else we do with precision plastics. But what makes Severna unique is our high standard of product evaluation and commitment to total quality management. We understand that our end-products must meet tight tolerance and high specification demands.

To that end, we don’t have minimums or maximums: we’re ready to take on your project, no matter where you are in the development process.

Innovation should have no boundaries. Fortunately, neither does our commitment to quality. Take a look at how Severna is striving to lead the manufacturing of precise plastic components, and contact us today!


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