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Order Custom Delrin® Parts: Our Process & Capabilities

January 2023

Did you know Delrin® is an engineering plastic that outlasts some metals? It is commonly used in the manufacture of precision parts. It has many benefits and is useful for applications that require strength, stiffness, and low friction. In this...

High Performance Plastics: Ertalyte vs. Delrin

January 2023

Plastic was first invented in 1907, and ever since then, it has become an extremely important type of material that is used in all sorts of different industries. It is now used to package foods, improve machine parts, and more. Without plastic, our...

Delrin Vs. Nylon: Uses, Specs, Pros & Cons

August 2022

Are you looking for exceptionally durable manufactured materials? If yes, Delrin vs. nylon should be ideal options. These versatile materials provide remarkable strength, durability, and lifelong wear resilience. As a result, they are suitable...

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